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We are a
Appointment practice!

Please book vaccination appointments and check-ups for existing families online.

Acute presentation and new families
Please book appointments by telephone.

Please call us between 7.30 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. and you will be given an appointment for an acute illness on the same day.

Paediatrics and adolescent medicine Services

We treat premature babies, infants, children and adolescents up to their 18th birthday with acute and chronic illnesses and carry out all standard screening examinations.

  • Acute treatments
  • Screening: U2-U9, U10, U11 
  • Preventive youth check-ups from 12-18: J1, J2
  • Vaccinations according to STIKO and SIKO recommendations
  • Ultrasound examinations of the abdominal organs and urinary tract
  • Youth labour protection examinations
  • Hearing and eye tests (amblyopia screening)
  • Allergy diagnostics and therapy / hyposensitisation
  • Creation of step-by-step plans for neurodermatitis
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Anaesthesia and operability tests
  • Basic psychosomatic care
  • Development diagnostics
  • Tests to determine the indication for speech therapy or occupational therapy prescriptions

Preventive medical check-ups

The U2 to J2 screenings are used for the early detection of illnesses or developmental delays. In addition to a thorough physical examination, developmental tests as well as vision and hearing tests are carried out. Through the early detection of illnesses and developmental abnormalities, measures can be introduced in good time to enable optimum support.

Please remember to make appointments for the legally prescribed periods in good time - as we want to take extra time for you and your child during these examinations, it is essential to plan appointments well in advance.

in age groups
PeriodDocuments for download
U1at birth
U2until 10th day of lifeParent questionnaire for U2
U3until the 5th week of lifeParent questionnaire for U3
U4until 4 months of ageParent questionnaire for U4
U5until 7 months of ageParent questionnaire for U5
U6until 12 months of ageParent questionnaire for U6
U7until 24 months of ageParent questionnaire for U7
Language assessment SBE-2-KT
U7auntil 36 months of ageParent questionnaire for U7a
Language assessment SBE-3-KT
U8until 48 months of ageParent questionnaire to the U8
U9until 66 months of ageParent questionnaire for U9
U107 to 8 years*Parent questionnaire for U10
U119 to 10 years*Parent questionnaire for U11
J112 to 14 yearsParent questionnaire for J1
J216 to 17 yearsParent questionnaire for J2

*Are not covered by all health insurance companies. Please contact your health insurance company for more information.


After consultation with the parents, we draw up an individual immunisation schedule for each child. Please download our "Online appointment timetable" where all dates are listed. (Please understand that for legal reasons we can only carry out planned vaccinations with a vaccination card). The basis is the "Vaccination calendar for children, adolescents and adults in the Free State of Saxony" (see synopsis vaccination calendar for children, adolescents and adults as a download). For adults, the Saxon Immunisation Commission (SIKO) recommends a booster against tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough and polio ("Tdpa-IPV vaccination") every ten years.

Especially when a child is born, please encourage family members and other contact persons (e.g. babysitters) to close vaccination gaps. This will protect babies who cannot yet be immunised.

Please talk to us. We will be happy to advise you.

IGEL services

Individual health services (IGeL) are medically useful services that are not included in the catalogue of statutory health insurance companies and are therefore generally not reimbursed by them. According to the basic legal rules, we must inform you as a patient or parent in advance about this fact, the benefits, any risks and the costs. In some cases, the insurance companies will cover the costs for competitive reasons. The services must be paid for by the patient and are based on the GOÄ (scale of fees for doctors). A list is displayed in our practice.

  • Medical certificates (e.g. daycare centre and school)
  • Written medical applications
  • Blood test on request (only after careful indication by us!)
  • Aptitude tests (e.g. for nursery, sport, music, theatre, film, holiday activities, high school year)
  • Spa treatments outside the statutory health insurance scheme
  • Travel medical advice
  • Additional early detection examinations up to the age of 14 (e.g. eye test, hearing test)
  • Additional vaccinations
  • Duplicates of vaccination cards
  • Adoption expertise